Motosharing in Barcelona with eCooltra, Motit and Yugo

Recently a few companies have appeared offering “Moto/Scooter Sharing”” in Barcelona The three I’ve experience and want to talk

Creating an SQL Cluster on VMWare

I’ve been working on a SQL cluster for a few weeks now and thought I’d share the build process for anyone

vciInstallUtils.exe has stopped working – VMWare Update Manager Install

****Update this is still present in 6.5*****   Just a quick one this time. If every time you

Fitting Magura 167 Hydraulic Clutch to Yamaha WR 250 F (2009)

So now for something un-IT related. A year or so ago I started riding Enduro and

Excluding Multiple Folders using rSync

I’ve started to test out the VMWare vCloud Air Object Storage (VCAOS – Sorry!!) Currently there’s no option for a GUI so

VMWorld Europe 2015 Keynote Video Day 1 and Day 2

Anyone looking for the Tuesday and Wednesday Keynote/General Session video can find it here. Tuesday –  

Interesting things to come with vCloud Air DR

After David Hill’s vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Technical Deep Drive (HBC5008) there certainly seems to be some really interesting

VMWare vCloud Air + Google Cloud Platform = Awesome

VMWare vCloud Air + Google Cloud Platform = Awesome. OK so its a bit early to proclaim this

VMWorld 2015

Well, its that time again, VMWorld 2015 is here. Its been a busy morning, already managed to lose my pass, but managed to get to HBC6560-GD

Colour Changes, Remove Facebook and Pinterest from Touchfolio

I’ve been working on a blog for a photographer friend, we had found a theme we’d like but there